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Sewer backup in your home

In High Net Worth Insurance, Home Insurance by Jessica Ramos

Sewer backups in your home are something none of us want to even think about.  The havoc it can cause on your home is unthinkable. It can cause thousands of dollars in damage.  This article from the Insurance Information Institute does a good job covering the information regarding causes of sewer backups.  CAUSES OF SEWER BACKUP  Aging Sewer Systems: The Civil Engineering Research …

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Is Your Business Prepared for An Emergency?

In Business, Business Insurance by Jill Berquist

You never know when an emergency might arise.  Has your business made a plan if one was to happen?  Do your employees know what to do if there was an emergency?  It’s not something we often stop to consider, but we all should have an emergency preparedness plan for our businesses. According to there are five steps in developing a preparedness …

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Tips for Summer Heat

In Business, Business Insurance, Must Read, Personal Insurance by Michelle Hinkley

We look forward to the summer season, but sometimes forget that we also need to make sure we take care of ourselves and homes during this weather.  Here are some great tips to keep yourself and your home cool from the summer heat. For You: Be sure to keep sunblock handy and apply regularly Wearing a hat can help avoid sunburn and …

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Insuring Personal Watercraft

In High Net Worth Insurance, Home Insurance, Personal Insurance, Watercraft Insurance by Amy Giel

Personal watercraft are not generally covered by homeowners or auto insurance, and where they are, the coverage limits can be fairly low. You may need to purchase a specifically designed policy in order to insure these vessels. The personal watercraft policy covers: Bodily injury Property damage Guest passenger liability Medical payments Theft Typical policies include deductibles of $250 for property damage, $500 …

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Backyard Safety Tips

In High Net Worth Insurance, Home Insurance, Personal Insurance by Kristin Guglielmo

Many of us are turning to our backyards as a “staycation” versus traveling too far.  We’ve turned our backyard’s into an oasis that can be a lot of fun for the whole family. You also want to make sure that the backyard stays fun and free of danger.  Here are some tips to keep that backyard safe. The Pool Many …

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3 Main Ways Lightning Enters Homes & Buildings

In Business, Business Insurance, High Net Worth Insurance, Home Insurance, Personal Insurance by Kristin Guglielmo

A house or other substantial building offers the best protection from lightning. In assessing the safety provided by a particular structure, it is more important to consider what happens if the structure gets struck by lightning, rather than whether the structure will be hit. For a shelter to provide protection from lightning, it must contain a mechanism for conducting the …

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Brush Up On Your Motorcycle Safety

In Car Insurance, Must Read, Personal Insurance, Recreational Vehicles by Jessica Ramos

It’s prime riding season, so we wanted to give you a reminder on some good safety points for experienced and new riders. Read these great tips Safeco. Be Prepared. Be Protected. You’re no kid and that’s no 10-speed. To stay safe, you need complete command of your motorcycle and the best safety gear you can get. Next time you’re heading for …

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Hurricane Preparedness for Your Business

In Business, Business Insurance by Michelle Hinkley

Is your business prepared in case of a natural disaster?  Here are some tips from IBHS that can help your business be better prepared. Businesses of any size can suffer a disruption at any time; however, small businesses have it tougher. While large organizations have more financial and physical assets both before and after a disaster, smaller businesses often lack the financial resources for recovery, the ability …