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Are Independent Insurance Agency startups a dying Breed?

In Business, IPG Member Agency, Must Read by Kate Houlihan

I’ve been in the insurance world my entire career. I’ve seen a lot of changes. “Back in the day” it was fairly easy to hang up a sign and open an insurance agency. There weren’t a ton of startup costs. Technology was fairly non-existent. There were no computers, no management systems – you had files, phones, and typewriters – and good people.

Today things are different – very different. If you are reading this you are probably one of our competitors or perhaps you work at a carrier. If you are a client of IPG – God bless you for reading about our industry!

In any event – the thought of the independent agency world dying off bothered me a lot – still does. I know there are people out there who still value the relationship they have with their agent. The Geico’s of the world just don’t hack it – they want a local person they can call on when things get ugly.

At IPG we are a group of community committed insurance professionals – we kindly refer to ourselves as insurance geeks and to an extent it’s true! We eat, drink, and sleep insurance and really enjoy it. If that makes us geeks – so be it!

We’ve developed a system and an opportunity for people who want to have some equity in their book of business, have access to top markets, and own their own company without worrying about all the other stuff such has hiring service staff, finding markets, and being able to fill those markets.

We call it our IPGer Producer System. It’s giving people opportunity. We aren’t looking to change the world, we just want to make sure our industry doesn’t drift off into the sunset.

So, perhaps you are a producer who just got caught in the middle of an M&A deal and now your hopes of agency ownership have been slashed…. or you currently own a small agency and don’t have the markets you need or the service staff to grow your book.

You don’t see a way out and you are convinced the independent agency system is meant for just the big dogs now and no room for the small mom & pop on Main Street USA.

Call me at 860-764-0555. I’ve got a solution and it’s pretty darn cool.

Kate Houlihan