Your First Apartment: What You Need To Know

In High Net Worth Insurance, Home Insurance, Personal Insurance by Amy Giel

Congratulations, you’re moving into your first apartment.  This is a milestone in your life and you should be excited and proud of this accomplishment.  Here are a few tips to help you while choosing that right apartment as well as after you have moved in.


Be sure when looking at apartments you know the size of the furniture you will be taking with you.  Many times we don’t stop to think in the excitement of apartment hunting about size.  Bring along a tape measure and be sure to check the size of the rooms to make sure your furniture will fit.

Clean First

It’s your first apartment, so it won’t be the Taj Mahal.  So you’ll want to give the apartment a good cleaning prior to moving in all your belongings.  Give the floors, sinks and toilets a good scrubbing. Plus it’s much easier to clean the apartment prior to moving in all your furniture, less to move around.


Now that you’ve moved in to your apartment, you’ll want to get yourself a well-stocked toolbox.  You will need tools to put together furniture, hang decorations around the house and do simple fixes. Having your own tools will make these projects much easier.


Now you can’t expect the apartment to come together overnight.  All things come in good time.  You’ll be on a tight budget for a while, so buy a few things throughout the month that you’ll need for your new apartment.  In time you’ll have all the furniture and decorations to make your apartment just the way you like it.  Also consider checking out local thrift shops for decorations and furnishings as it will save you some money.


Last but not least is renter’s insurance.  Yes it’s your first apartment and you may not have a lot of possessions yet, but those will add up over time.  You’ll want to make sure you have a basic Connecticut renter’s insurance policy to protect those possessions you’ve worked so hard for. A basis policy will run you on average $150-$200 a year.  That is small amount to pay to have your possessions covered in case of a fire or theft.

Enjoy that new apartment and your new found freedom.