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Managing Your Organization’s Volunteers

In Business, Business Insurance, Culture, Employee Benefits, Must Read, Non Profits by Augusto Russell0 Comments

Millions of volunteers donate their time and hard work year after year for non-profit organizations, and are considered a tremendous resource for the organization. Without these volunteers, many organizations wouldn’t be able to run programs, service their communities, or provide vital resources to their clients. However, even though volunteers may mean well, there are cases of volunteers causing harm due …

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3D Scanning – is it the New Manufacturing Quality Control Process?

In Business, Business Insurance, Manufacturing by Kate Houlihan0 Comments

We work quite a bit within the manufacturing world, helping with supply chain management, loss control and risk management.  In any business, Cash is King and Quality Control is a close second. When problems aren’t caught, recalls happen, inventory is lost and so do profit margins. Whether you’re manufacturing your millionth ball bearing or your first foam seat cushion, your …

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The Tech Savvy Construction Site – Should we worry about Smart Wearables?

In Business, Business Insurance by Kristin Guglielmo0 Comments

From using smartphones and tablets for viewing plans and managing schedules to using drones for mapping and surveying, today’s construction sites have transformed and are no longer the “blue collar” industry of yesteryear. Add in “smart” buildings becoming the standard and wearable devices aimed at improving safety – technology has invaded the industry and we don’t see it leaving any …

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Are Independent Insurance Agency startups a dying Breed?

In Business, IPG Member Agency, Must Read by Kate Houlihan0 Comments

I’ve been in the insurance world my entire career. I’ve seen a lot of changes. “Back in the day” it was fairly easy to hang up a sign and open an insurance agency. There weren’t a ton of startup costs. Technology was fairly non-existent. There were no computers, no management systems – you had files, phones, and typewriters – and …

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Is Your Business Prepared for An Emergency?

In Business, Business Insurance by Jill Berquist0 Comments

You never know when an emergency might arise.  Has your business made a plan if one was to happen?  Do your employees know what to do if there was an emergency?  It’s not something we often stop to consider, but we all should have an emergency preparedness plan for our businesses. According to there are five steps in developing a preparedness …

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3 Main Ways Lightning Enters Homes & Buildings

In Business, Business Insurance, High Net Worth Insurance, Home Insurance, Personal Insurance by Kristin Guglielmo0 Comments

A house or other substantial building offers the best protection from lightning. In assessing the safety provided by a particular structure, it is more important to consider what happens if the structure gets struck by lightning, rather than whether the structure will be hit. For a shelter to provide protection from lightning, it must contain a mechanism for conducting the …

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Hurricane Preparedness for Your Business

In Business, Business Insurance by Michelle Hinkley0 Comments

Is your business prepared in case of a natural disaster?  Here are some tips from IBHS that can help your business be better prepared. Businesses of any size can suffer a disruption at any time; however, small businesses have it tougher. While large organizations have more financial and physical assets both before and after a disaster, smaller businesses often lack the financial resources for recovery, the ability …

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When is the last time you changed your password?

In Business, Business Insurance, Cyber Liability, High Net Worth Insurance, Home Insurance by Wink Tharpe0 Comments

A recent article from NBCNEWS discusses the recent breach from a Russian crime ring, where they have stolen 1.2 billion username and password combos and more than 500 million email addresses.  These numbers are staggering, which likely means you could be one of them on this list. Given the scope, it’s a smart decision to change your passwords on your accounts immediately …